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Acrylic, PU, Polymer, Glass, Membrane or brushed steel.Nothing is dull or boring in a Spacewood kitchen. Vibrant colours, wide palette, multiple textures, plains and wood grains. A large choice is available to complement your creative urge and make your kitchen the most attractive part of your home.

The wardrobe material used to make your customized wardrobe is a good indicator of the returns it will give you over the years. Spacewood provide wide range of Finishes and Materials.


Experience it in the way it systematically sorts your life. In the way it makes routine happening. In the way it beautifully accommodates everyday needs. In the way it throws light on things that matter. In the way it adds awesomeness to your private space.

In the way it compliments your living space.The science of aesthetic storage systems can be experienced across the entire range of Spacewood Wardrobes,Kitchen,Bedroom & Living



Fittings Perfection does not come in a day. Spacewood has 20 years of experience in understanding needs of the Indian consumer.Designs fully compliment Indian style cooking and optimize space which is often at a premium. Looks compliment functionality for a perfect blend at over 100,000 homes in India and abroad.

Spacewood range of wardrobe accessories provide world-class functionality and make every corner of the wardrobe easily accessible to the user – you need not get into the wardrobe; the wardrobe reaches out to you!


The Spacewood Modular Kitchen can improve space utilization by 30% , reduce hard work and make cooking a pleasure. Hot pan or chopping boards, Spacewood kitchen is very easy to maintain and is water resistant.What is more,it is very easy to keep clean and stays free of any unpleasant odours and smell.

Spacewood bedsets are a combination of comfort, aesthetics and utility. Intelligent storage and superior functionality, homogenous finishes ensure smooth operation of beds. A myriad of designer options, available at competitive pricing and warranty upto 3 years ensure you rest and comfort all the way.

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